How we as Democratic Women must deal with a Trump Administration

How we as Democratic Women must deal with a Trump Administration

Although so many of us are disconsolate, disappointed, even horrified and dismayed at the election results, we must approach the future under Trump with fight and determination. We must hold onto and fight for our democratic values of inclusion and justice for all- for expanding and not contracting rights for everyone, especially women, workers, seniors, voters and all Americans of color and diversity.

We must encourage our Democratic legislators to fight and resist – despite their minority status –
and continue to work for electing democrats and women in future elections.

We must support and encourage women and our male colleagues to attend the Women’s March on Washington and sister rallies all over the country on January 21 to take a stand for our values and let Trump know that he cannot trample on our values and rights without a fight.

We must vigorously support, with our time and money, some of the organizations that will be the legal bulwark and watchdog against Trump. Two of the most effective and important organizations are the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center which have been fighting against racism and discrimination through effective legal action for years and deserve extra support now.

In addition, joining and supporting groups like Planned Parenthood and environmental organizations will help them continue the fight for women’s reproductive health and a healthy environment against the coming Trump onslaught.

Sheila Horvitz, member Colchester Federation of Democratic Women’s Club

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