Fannie Dixon Welch Scholarship

In honor of the founder of the CFDW, we award the FANNIE DIXON WELCH SCHOLARSHIP every year.  This $500.00 cash award is granted annually to a junior or senior female student who, while enrolled at the University of Connecticut and majoring in Political Science and/or International Relations, excels in her studies.  This award is made on the basis of character, citizenship and promise of leadership in the field of government.  Recipient must be a registered Democrat whose permanent home, at the time the scholarship is presented, is in the State of Connecticut.

When granting this award, we recall the life of FANNIE DIXON WELCH and the time, so very long ago, when the suffragettes paved the way for our organization.  We seek in our recipients those very same attributes we so admire in our founder and first President.  Candidates have not only to excel in their studies, but we are looking for the leaders of tomorrow for, as we all know, tomorrow is here and now.

The Fannie Dixon Welch Scholarship recipients:

for 2012 is Claire Simonich of Glastonbury.

Past President Dot Mrowka
giving award to  Clair Simonich

For 2014 is Briana Bardos of Old Saybrook:

Briana Bardos, UCONN student, recipient of the Fannie Dixon Welch Scholarship

Briana Bardos giving her acceptance speech

For 2015, our recipient is Alexandra Ball.

Scholarship recipient Alexandra Ball with Representative Tim Larson and EH Mayor Marcia LeClerc

Alexandra Ball with State Rep Tim Larson and East Hartford Mayor Marcia LeClerc


2016 recipient presentation made by Past NFDW President Dot Mrowka and CFDW President Karen Romero 


The Scholarship Fund is maintained by donations alone. Those interested in making contributions to the fund, please make out your check to Fannie Dixon Welch Scholarship Fund.