Presidents of CFDW

Fannie Dixon Welch                             Columbia          1922-1934
Founder and 1st President

Chase Going Woodhouse Sprague 1934-1948
Mary Russell Valente Hartford 1948-1952
Mary Burke Riley New London 1952-1955
Beatrice Hold Rosenthal Waterford 1955-1959
Loretta Sullivan West Haven 1959-1963
Mary White McGann Guilford 1963-1967
Elizabeth Kennedy Walsh Bridgeport 1967-1971
Nancy Narden West Hartford 1971-1975
Catherine O’Connell New Haven 1975-1977
Maureen Satti New London 1977-1981
Marjorie Bennett Bethlehem 1981-1983
Concetta D’Ambrosio Rocky Hill 1983-1985
Ann McLaughlin East Hampton 1985-1987
Bernice Bowman West Haven 1987-1991
Dorothy Mrowka Colchester 1991-1995
Patricia Paniccia Monroe 1995-1999
Louise Neary South Windsor 1999-2003
Ana D. Gould East Hartford 2003-2007
Joanne Sullivan

Elizabeth Duarte

Karen Romero

Debra Dickey

East Hartford






2015- 2017

2017 to present