The Connecticut Federation of Democratic Women was organized in 1922 by our founder and first president, Fannie Dixon Welch.  To honor her memory, each year a scholarship is granted to an outstanding female student who, while enrolled in the University of Connecticut and majoring in Political Science and/or International Relations, excels in her studies.  This award is made on the basis of character, citizenship, and the promise of leadership in the field of government.  The Connecticut Federation of Democratic Women’s Clubs is the oldest Federation of Democratic Women’s Clubs in the country.

The prestigious SUSAN B. ANTHONY AWARD was established to recognize and “honor Democratic Women whose lives best exemplify the quality, tradition, and spirit of Susan B. Anthony.”  This award is presented every two years at our Biennial Convention. We are proud of our history, dedication, and hard work.

The purpose of our organization is to support the principles of the Democratic Party, to encourage growth of an intelligent and conscientious electorate and to assume full share of our responsibility for good government.

Today the Federation claims more than 400 members in local affiliates throughout the state.  The State Executive Board consists of a president, four vice presidents, a treasurer, corresponding and recording secretaries and committee chairs.  The immediate past president serves on the Executive Board as an adviser.

MEETINGS:  The CFDW meets the second Thursday of each month.